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The Airplane Shop Loyalty Card Program :

Important : Please Read: The Following Airplane Shop Loyalty Card Agreement describes the terms and conditions that apply to the program. By using your Airplane Shop Loyalty card, you agree to the terms of this agreement. Please keep a copy of this agreement for your records.

General Terms:    The Airplane Shop Loyalty card is issued to you by The Airplane Shop. It allows you to receive points that can be redeemed towards purchases only at The Airplane Shop. No credit card or credit line is associated with this loyalty card.  Unless otherwise required by law, any value on the card for coupon or points is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. You can check the balance of points or coupon value at any time by visiting We reserve the right to correct the balance of points or coupon value if we believe a clerical, billing or accounting error has occurred. If you have any questions regarding an error, we will investigate to determine if any adjustment is necessary.  If your card is lost or stolen, a new card maybe issued and the balance of points or coupon value transferred. The Airplane Shop is not responsible for unauthorized use of your loyalty card. Please report any unauthorized activity and a new card will be issued.

Benefits include:    Bonus point offers throughout the year and Special Member only offers.

Program:    Each customer that signs up will receive 1 point for each $1.00 of merchandise spent with The Airplane Shop at any of our 3 locations or Points begin accumulation from the date of issuance of The Airplane Shop Loyalty card.

When a customer reaches 300 reward points accumulated , that customer will automatically receive a coupon credit on their loyalty card for $15.00 good towards an additional purchase at The Airplane Shop.  The 300 points will be deducted from your rewards point total and the balance of the reward points left will remain.

When you reach 2,000 lifetime points* you will automatically receive a $100.00 coupon credit on your Airplane Shop loyalty card.

For every additional 2,000 lifetime points*, you will receive an additional $100.00 coupon credit on your Airplane Shop loyalty card. 

*lifetime points are equal to all points earned on a card from the date of issuance and include those points already converted to coupon value.

 The Airplane Shop Loyalty program terms and conditions may be amended at any time without prior notification.  We will notify you of any changes to the program by email.  Please make sure to keep us advised of your current  email address up to date with our system. We may suspend or terminate this program at any time without notice or liability.  Allow 2-3 weeks for issuance of any new Airplane Shop loyalty card.

Memberships are not transferable. 

Governing law - New Jersey, USA.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey notwithstanding any conflict of law rules.