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Jp Oman Air B737-700/800/ATR42 Dvd (186 Minutes) (**)
Price $29.95

Oman Air operated its first flight to Salalah in March 1993 and since then has continually grown and expanded to many destinations. Recently the airline revamped its fleet with Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft. This program takes you to some very interesting destination that are part of the Oman Air network. In the cockpit of the 737-700 we fly to Bombay then later to Dubai and Beirut. One of the sectors from Beirut to Dubai is filmed in the cabin. The 737-800 takes us to Dar Es Salaam and Zanzinbar and on a domestic route to Salalah. Last, but not least, we fly the ATR to Khasab where you will enjoy a very spectacular approach. A few words from the CEO, views of the airport and a visit of the city of Muscat make this a very exciting program.

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