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Jp Ethiopian 737-700/737-800/Q400 Dvd 274 Minutes (**)
Price $29.95

We are delighted Ethiopian Airlines becomes the 237th airline to join our World Air Routes! Ethiopian also becomes the 14th Star Alliance airline to join our series! With a fleet of 50 aircraft and 120 planned by 2025 Ethiopian is on its way to becoming Africa's largest airline! it also operates a very modern fleet and services more than 85 destinations! This 4 and a half hour program takes a look at the airline's domestic and regional routes operated by the B737 & Q-400. On the 737-800 we follow flights to Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania & the DR of Congo. On the 737-700 and Q-400 we follow flights to several destinations within Ethiopia. A total of 15 flights in the cockpit are featured with lots of information by our pilots, great scenery and a lot more...

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