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Jp Brussels A319/A330 Blu-Ray 270 Minutes (**)
Price $29.9511.95

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Our 1st Brussels Airlines was so well received that we decided to return to this great airline and film the A319. On this program you'll get 4 flights on the A319 with 2 very interesting destinations. Geneva with its nice approach surrounded by mountains and Eskisehir, our 1st visit to this Turkish destination, where we'll be landing on a taxiway!! Our viewers also appreciated Captain Coupez' work on the A330 so we're delighted to have him back for the A319 where he and his copilots once again inform you on everything they possibly can! Th make things even more interesting we've taken the best of the Brussels A330 now in HD on this Blu-ray so you can enjoy a fantastic 4 and a half hour program of the Belgian airline! This program is only available on Blu-ray! A Blu-ray player is needed to view this program!

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