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Jp Air Austral 777-200/300 & 737-800 Blu-Ray 277 Min (**)
Price $29.957.95

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First filmed in 2004 on the 777-200ER, 737-300 & 737-500 we're delighted to return to Reunion Island to film Air Austral's 2nd program with its new modern fleet featuring the 737-800, 777-200LR & 777-300ER! This is likely our best program yet with more than 4 and a half hours packed with information, presentations, 3 types of aircraft, more than 10 flights to some great destinations, 2 flights in the cabin and so much more. We have some great pilots for you in this program so you can enjoy all the presentations they take you through. Pilots really take their time to show you their aircraft and give you as much information about the flights as possible! We highly recommend the Blu-ray version so you can enjoy the High Definition this program was filmed in!

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