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Herpa USAF F4e Phantom II 469th Tfs El Toro Bravo 1/200 (**
Scale 1/200
Price $49.95

During the war in Vietnam and South-East Asia, McDonnell developed a new F-4 Phantom version with integrated cannon. In 1968, this F-4E with the extended nose was transferred to the combat zone. The first unit to be equipped with the F-4E was the 40th Tactical Fighter Squadron (short TFS) of Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. But immediately after that, it was transferred to Thailand to the Korat Air Force Base, one of the biggest USAF bases during the war and on the same day, it was renamed the 469th TFS and subordinated to the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing. The star at the dorsal intake stands for the shooting down of an enemy MiG, which was never confirmed officially because at the time of the assumed kill, a ceasefire prevailed. The model, released as a limited edition of 2,200 examples, displays the aircraft with an ALQ-88 jamming transmitter as it demonstrably flew in April 1970 on a ground assault mission. Diecast metal airplane in 1:200 scale, printed (not decaled), in meticulous detail. Made for the real enthusiast! All aircraft come assembled.

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