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Herpa USAF F-104c 1/200 479th Tactical Fighter Wing (**)
Scale 1/200
Price $47.95

In 1954, the Starfighter, manufactured by Lockheed, had its maiden flight. The interceptor behaved like a race car in supersonic speed but lacked mission flexibility. Ultimately, the Air Force purchased barely 300 aircraft, far less than planned. In Germany, however, the Starfighter, as an all purpose interceptor in an advanced version, became a huge success but not without controversy. The cockpit of this US Air Force model can be displayed opened and closed. Diecast metal airplane in 1:200 scale, printed (not decaled), in meticulous detail. Made for the real enthusiast! All aircraft come assembled. Model is approximately 3 1/2 inches long with 1 1/4 inch wingspan.

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