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Herpa Polish Air Force F-16d 6.elt 1/200 Open Cockpit (**)
Scale 1/200
Price $46.95

The Polish airforce has ordered 48 examples of one of the best fighter airplanes currently available. The original of this model is the most modern, two-seater version of the F-16D with the registration 4076. The pilots are seated at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal, which is necessary to avoid fainting during turns with a loading of up to nine times the force of gravity. More than 4,800 F-16s, still developed by the long-since merged General Dynamics, remain in operation in 24 airforces all over the world. This model will also be released in two versions: with a closed cockpit (550369) and one with an open cockpit (550499) limited to 1,000 items, both of which can be ideally combined with Herpa accessories. Diecast metal airplane in 1:200 scale, printed (not decaled), in meticulous detail. Made for the real enthusiast! All aircraft come assembled.

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