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Corgi M4A3 Sherman Usmc 1943 1/50 **sold Out**
Scale 1/50
Price $47.95

M4 A3 Sherman Tank--USMC, CC In 1968, the powerful and dependable M48A3 tank played a major role in "Operation Pegasus," relieving the Marine Corps garrison at Khe Sanh in South Vietnam. This tank was particularly effective as a forced entry tool in heavy assaults on enemy positions. You can own a remarkably intricate, authentic, hand-painted and battle-scarred replica of the tank used by C Company, 3rd Tank Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. It even includes the bat symbol painted on the searchlight, reddish mud on the treads, a canvas cover around the gun tube, 40mm ammo cans around the gypsy rack in back, the double-stacked jerry cans hanging from the turret sides and spare track over the turret that caused enemy rockets to explode prematurely. These models are made from die cast metal.

Sold out

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