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Model Power TU-160 "Blackjack" Soviet Af 1/400 (**)
Scale 1/400
Price $15.95

Diecast, beautifully detailed replica in 1/400 scale. Stand included. Often referred to as "Blackjack" or "Blackjack-A", the Tupolev TU 160 is the world's largest combat aircraft. The Russian long-range strategic penetration bomber and missile platform weighs 260,140 pounds empty and is approximately 180 feet long by 180 feet wide when wings are spread. The TU 160 reaches a maximum speed of 1,243 mph and can haul up to 36,000 pounds of armament. It possesses two internal weapons bays for storage of nuclear weapons, cruise missiles, and short-range attack missiles. (F Series-Orange Box)

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