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Book - Pan American World Airways Images Of Modern America

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In 1927 M American entrepreneur Juan T. Trippe founded what would later become Pan American World AIrways. From the very first airmail flight flown from Key West to Cuba. Trippe provided leardership and innovatoin that put Pan Am at the top of the commercial airline industry. HIs global pioneering spirit expanded the world's reach for the masses while at the same time provided the most glamourous of the air-travel experiences. The rise and fall of an American empire es examined in this full-color postcard history of Pan Am. Capt Duyane "Dewey" Hoffman was hired by Pan Am in 1942.; he was based in Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Brownsville, and New York. He flew on the Boeing 314, Consolidated PB2Y3, and Commodore Seaplanes; and the Lockheed Constellation. As Captain he flew the Convair 240, DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, DC-7, DC-8, Boeing 707 and the Boeing 747. He retired in 1978. Laura Hoffman is the youngest daughter of Captain Hoffman and the author of Postcard History Series: Coney Island. She shares her extensive collection of Pan Am postcards to illustrate the iconic history of the "World's Most Experienced Airline", 94 pages. Paperback.

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