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Jp Miami 20 Years 1993-2012 580 Minutes (**)

Price $39.95

Close to 10 hours of action!!! More than 240 airlines! Filmed from 1993 through 2012! 800 takeoffs & landings! From the Classic oldies to the B747-8! It is a huge joy for Just Planes to be bringing you this very special program of Miami International Airport. Filmed during 20 years from 1993 onwards you are going to see a variety of airlines here like never seen on any Airport program, so many who no longer exist and while there is a big load of classics aircraft on here it goes all the way to the new generation even including a brief view of the newest A380 and B747-8. As you can see from the 5 video trailers below, Just Planes had the best possible access for filming and the kind of footage we bring you here is extremely rare and should be in everyone's collection. Best of all, this double DVD is just shy of 10 hours and all that for just $10 more than a 3 hour program so don't delay and order this gem today!

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