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Jp Sabena 737-300/500/747-300 Dvd (189 Minutes) (**)
Price $29.95

For nearly 80 years Sabena planes have been seen at airports all around the world. Just Planes was fortunate to have filmed a number of flights on Sabena aircraft from. The Boeing 747-300 series was not too common. The aircraft basically has the cockpit of a 200 and outside looks of a 400. It first flew in October 1982 and Swissair took delivery of the 1st aircraft while Sabena took the last one in 1990. Sabena mostly operated them on transatlantic routes to New York, Boston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Montreal and to Chicago O'Hare where the flight we filmed was going. You will have a great Captain & Flight Engineer who will present this aircraft to you in details! Bonus on this 3hr DVD is a flight on the 737-300 to Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport and on the 737-500 from Brussels to Warsaw.

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