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Jp Frankfurt Dvd (245 Minutes) (**)

Price $29.95

More than 4 hours of action! More than 130 Airlines! More than 250 Takeoffs and Landings Filmed from various Runway locations Filmed from various Terminal locations First Lufthansa A380 in our Airport series Frankfurt is in the Top 5 busiest airports in Europe and Top 10 in the world with a great variety of airlines from all corners of the globe! The airport is also one of the busiest in Europe for cargo with interesting freighter traffic as well! Frankfurt has been featured several times already in the World Airport series but never as extensively as on this 4hr DVD! The program was filmed during 5 years from a variety of locations in and around the airport so you can enjoy great views of takeoffs, landings, taxiing and ramp action. The DVD also includes many takeoffs and landings filmed from the cockpit. Don't miss this great program!

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