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Jp Buffalo Airways C46/DC4 Dvd (246 Minutes) (**)
Price $29.95

Buffalo Airways was established exactly 40 years ago and is based in Yellowknife. The airline has become very famous through the TV Show "Ice Pilots" and World Air Routes is very honored to be welcoming Buffalo to our ever growing Flight in the Cockpit series! The aircraft you will fly on this program are a piece of history, C-GCTF was built 65 years ago! Wether you're into old aircraft or not, this is a must see DVD for all The more than 4 hour program includes a flight to the Nortern Canadian Arctic region (Igoolik)! On one of the DC-4 flights the crew is forced to shut down the number 4 engine and divert to Norman Wells. As a special treat you will follow the ferry takeoff and flight from Norman Wells to Yellowknife on 3 engines. Also included are cockpit presentations by the pilots and a company presentation by Buffalo Joe's son at the airline's main base

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