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Jp Tuifly 737-700/800 Dvd 177 Minutes (**)
Price $29.95

TUIfly, the 217th airline to join the series, brings you the most complete Boeing 737 Next Generation program in the World Air Routes with a series of briefings, presentations, walkarounds... The program includes our first flight to the Cape Verdi Islands with landings at Boa Vista & Sal and the longest ever 737 flight in the series at over 6 hours! We then fly to Venice with very low visibility resulting in a missed approach followed by an autoland in near zero visibility! The next flight is into Calvi which also offers a difficult approach due to the mountains around the field and we complete with a flight to spectacular Innsbruck located right in the valley! You will also see the instruments during a takeoff and a landing for the first time and a lot more! The program also features an extended German version!

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