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Jp Eurofly A320/A330 Dvd (185 Minutes) (**)
Price $29.95

Eurofly becomes the 6th Italian airline to join the World Air Routes which now counts 186 airlines! For the 1st part of this 3 hour dvd we meet the A320 crew at the airline's operations offices for a briefing and flight preparation and are then taken on a roundtrip from Malpensa Airport to Mykonos, the 17th Greek airport featured in the series! Captain and First Officer continuously give you information about the flight progress and the aircraft as well as a cockpit presentation and walkaround plus the usual scenery and a non standard runway at the destination. For the 2nd part of the program we once again meet our crew as they prepare the flight and are then taken on a circle trip to Colombo and Male. Pilots continue to inform you about the flight and present the cockpit and the A330's outside. A brief look at the cabin service and meals and lots of nice scenery including the very unusual "aircraft carrier" runway at Male complete this dvd.

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