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Jp Fly Vlm F50 Dvd (186 Minutes) (**)
Price $29.95

VLM becomes the 8th Belgian airline to join the World Air Routes which now counts 187 airlines! After a presentation by the airline's Director of Flight Operations you're off on the airline's first route from Antwerp to London City Airport starting with a roundtrip in the cockpit and followed by a roundtrip in the cabin. You then join a Dutch crew for a charter flight in the cockpit from Rotterdam to the Czech Rep and back to Brussels. After another flight from Antwerp to City you then join a UK crew for 2 roundtrips from London City to the Isle of Man and Manchester. Throughout the flights pilots inform you on the progress and what is going on in the cockpit, there is a cockpit presentation, a walkaround and much more including the usual load of scenery featuring spectacular approaches into London's City Airport.

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