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Jp Westjet 737-600 Dvd 186 Minutes (**)
Price $29.95

WestJet's 2nd program in the World Air Routes features the 1st B737-600 in the series. Another first in the World Air Routes is the first part of this program which takes you inside the airline's flight simulator for 30 minutes of a series of unusual things including : RNP approach into Kelowna (where we fly the 737-600 later in the program), an autoland in Vancouver, severe damage on takeoff from Vancouver, TCAS alert as well as a double TCAS alert with traffic above and below, terrain warning, wind shear on final approach followed by a go-around, wind shear on takeoff and ending with an aborted takeoff in fog due to an engine fire which leads to evacuation. Once the actual flying gets started you will once again join some great Westjet pilots who explain about why the airline picked the 737-600, what it typically does in a day, why it has no winglets unlike the airline's 700 and 800 series and a lot more during the 9 flights shown on the dvd. World Air Routes has already featured more than 50 destinations in Canada, this dvd takes you to 3 new ones : Comox, Kelowna and Regina... as well as Fort McMurray and 2 important Westjet destinations : Calgary and Vancouver

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